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 How to Search Products ?

There are two ways to search products.

1) Search on basis of Product category

2) Search on basis of Product Name or Product Code



1) Use Menus on the left-hand side of screen where machine Manufacturer list is there such as Lohia, starlinge etc.

When taking mouse on this menu, it will drop-down submenus with related Product Category list such as Omega6, HDN4, LSL4 etc.
By clicking any of the Product Category, it will take you to the 'Products' page which is having Product list of that perticular product category.

2) User can search the products if the product name/ code or some part of words are known then user can search products.
There is a search panel below the Main menus. User can select any option 'Search by Product Code' or 'Search by Product Name' and enter the search text into textbox next to it. Press 'Search' button will take user on 'Products' page which will show only products having similar code or names as required.

 How to Send Products Inquiry ?

Please select Products from the product list from Products page.

Enter required quantity and Press Add to My Prodcuts button next to Quantity.


Adding your product to your selected product list called 'My Products' will update quantity in 'Total quantity' shown on right-hand side panel of screen.

This will allow you to Clear all Products by clicking on link 'Clear My Products' or Send inquiry by clicking 'Submit Inquiry' button.

When you have selected all you required products and you are sure to go for Sending Inquiry, you can press 'Submit Inquiry' button. This will take you to the page called 'My Products'.

On My Products page, You will have list of selected Products with their quantities and small image preview.

To provide some kind of flexibility of having product details if user doesn't know full Product Code. There is a button called 'Add More Products' below the list of Products. By clicking this button, it will open up a panel which will allow user to search products on basis of product code. User will enter products code and press 'Find Products' button.

This will populates a list of searched products with matching product code entered.

User can enter quantities and press 'Add To List' button.

This will add the Products with quantity greater than zero to the 'My Product' List.


Now you have a Inquiry form below the 'My Prouct' list.

Please enter deatails required into this 'Inquiry Form' and press 'Submit Inquiry' button.

This will send your Inquiry details with product details to us.

And we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Clear My Products